Portable Infrared Ear Themometer for Baby Kids ANTIRADIATIONSTICK #130505

Digital Ear Thermometer Body Temperature IR Digit Health Care for Baby Adult Kids

Portable Infrared Ear Themometer for Baby Kids

Ear thermometers measure time is really just one second?

It’s true! We will emit infrared body temperature, so the sharp infrared ear thermometer sensor can be easily sensed our body temperature.Breaking the traditional temperature measurement to the amount of mercury,do not know to measure how long, to measure which in the limit.
Now you just put the ear thermometer gently into the ear of measurement, button, after a second hearing beep can measure temperature changes. And mom to make active baby to be quiet for a few minutes is not easy, squirming baby if one is not careful to break the thermometer or broken is too dangerous, infrared ear thermometer to overcome the traditional mercury thermometer security concerns, let daddy mommy do not need to worry about from now on.

Easy Operation:
1.Press the ON/recall button to turn on the thermometer.
2.Press the scan button,release it.when you hear a beep sound, the measurement is complete.
3.Press the On/recall button continously for the last ten memories(NO.9-NO.0)will take turns to display on the LCD.
4.After one minute if nonuse, it will shut off automatically.

1. Automatic shut off in one minute non operated.
2.Long life performace with common CR2032 size button battery.
3.Soft operation Keys not to disturb sleeping baby.
The following is the normal body temperature of the reference values:
Ear temperature: 35.7 – 37.5 ( C)
Rectal temperature: 35.7 – 37.5 ( C)
Axillary temperature: 34.7 – 37.3 ( C)
Oral temperature: 35.5 – 37.5 ( C)

But because the body’s temperature with different ages and the environment, it will vary, so the above values are not absolute values, but the reference values only:
0 – 2 years old: 36.4 – 38.0 ( C)
3 -10 years old: 36.1 – 37.8 ( C)
11 – 65 years old: 35.9 – 37.6 ( C)
65 years and older: 35.8 – 37.5 ( C)

1.Display range:34.0 C-44 C
2.Accuracy:+-0.2 C
3.Min Scale :0.1C
4.Memory:10 memories
5.Taking times: One Second
6.Auto shut-off in 1min after nonuse
7.Battery : Lithium Battery(CR2032)
8.Battry life: Approx 4000takes
11.safe and hygeian

Attention: This product can display Celsius temperature( C) only

Baby Adult Digital Portable Ear IR Body Temperature Infrared Thermometer  Portable-Infrared-Digital-Ear-Thermometer-Body-Temperature-IR-Digit-Health-Care-for-Baby

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